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Our Nursery

Sunrise Nursery has a capacity to offer 30 places per session for children aged 2 — 5.  We offer government funding for children from 3 years of age.
The facility, which is part of the Broomfield Primary School. was specifically built for pre school education. There is one main classroom with its own toilet and wash basins, a kitchen area and a large outdoor play area. We believe the learning environment both inside and outside should be well designed, accessible, stimulating and safe for the children.
The inside area includes:

  • easy access to cloakroom and toilet facilities with sinks (hot and cold running water)
  • a range of suitable equipment and materials including a variety of books, natural materials, carefully selected and suitable  furniture
  • a quiet, comfortable area so that the children can retreat from the busy activities and take time to be reflective, relax and rest in a secure environment
  • immediate access to the outdoor play space

The outside fenced area includes:

  • a safe and secure area to explore
  • a range of suitable equipment and materials
  • seating
  • sand and water trays
  • equipment including quoits. balls, beanbags, hoops, skittles
  • a play house
  • access to gardening

Within the classroom the allocation of space promotes the well-being and learning opportunities of the children through:

  • a role play area, so that the child can be imaginative, explore feelings and anxieties, and express thoughts, fantasies and emotions in a secure, caring environment
  • a writing area, with a variety of writing and drawing materials, so that a child will gain confidence and skill in written communication for arrange of purposes and audiences
  • a creative/aesthetic area, so that the child will have opportunities to experience a wide range of media and materials — paint, clay, dough, pastels, collage etc. — and be able to make a personal response to music, dance, drama and mime
  • a construction area, with a range of bricks, blocks, toys for small world play — farm, animals, cars, houses and trains
  • a science area, so that a child can develop familiarity with scientific processes of observing, measuring, describing, investigating, predicting and experimenting
  • a maths area, with a range of practical mathematical equipment
  • a quiet area, which has comfortable seating with books and listening station available